GRA 19701 Master Thesis proposal

Due to delays in DigiEx we ask that you submit your Master Thesis proposal on this page on Friday, 8 June.

Please fill in all the fields in the form below and upload your answer in pdf.

Your student ID (not your S-number) consists of seven – 7- digits, like 0123456.

Please note that it may take up to one-1-minute to upload the form.

Formal requirements for the assignments

  • Maximum numbers of attachments files: 1
  • Allowed answer paper file types: pdf
  • Allowed answer paper attachment file types: pdf
  • Answer paper size: 2-3 pages excl. attachments

The exam paper must also include a table of contents, a summary at the beginning and a bibliography/reference list at the conclusion of the paper. These pages are counted separately from the main paper.

You will find a thorough explanation of how to use quotes and references on the BI library webpage: https://www.bi.edu/study-atbi/library/write-and-cite/. For information on formal requirements and template paper; see www.bi.edu/templatepaper.

Submission form