What Will Our Future Look Like?

We know what we want the world to be like in forty years. We know what the world could be like in forty years if we all did what needs to be done to create a more sustainable future. But what do we know about what the world will actually be like in forty years? That is the question Jorgen Randers tries to answer in 2052.

Drawing on global forecasting tools, his own experience in the sustainability arena, and the predictions—included in the book—of more than thirty leading scientists, economists, futurists, and other thinkers, Randers guides us through the future he feels is most likely to emerge. Not to scare us. But to prepare us, and, where necessary, sound a call for changing course.

How many people will the planet need to support?

  • Will there be enough food and energy?
  • Will youth revolt under the debt and pension burden of the old?
  • Which nations will prosper and which will suffer?
  • Will the race toward renewables succeed?
  • Will the belief in endless growth crumble?
  • How will megacities evolve and human communication change?
  • Will the shift to Chinese economic superiority be peaceful?
  • Will runaway climate change have taken hold?

These are just a few of the questions deftly probed by an incisive, humane, and skilled look at the future before us. And there are some surprising answers.

BOOK DATA – Hardcover
ISBN: 9781603584678
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Pub Date: June 15, 2012
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