Førsteamanuensis Bogdan Stacescu har publisert en fagartikkel med Artashes Karapetyan i Review of Finance


We examine the effect of information sharing via credit bureaus or credit registers on banks’ incentives to collect information about their borrowers. Information asymmetries have been identified as an important source of bank profits, and sharing knowledge about borrowers can reduce those rents. Despite that, we show that banks’ incentives to collect information actually increase in the presence of information sharing. The reason is that when hard, standardized information is shared, banks’ incentives to invest in soft, nonverifiable information increase. The result can be more accurate lending decisions and improved welfare

Karapetyan, Artashes and Bogdan Stacescu. 2014. “Information sharing and information acquisition in credit markets.” Review of Finance, 18(4):1583-1615

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