Petter Gottschalk har publisert en fagartikkel med Elena G. Bystrova i Pakistan Journal of Criminology


Social conflict theory suggests that the professional powerful and wealthy represent the elite and ruling class in society. The theory holds that laws and law enforcement are used by the dominant group to minimize threats to their interests. The justice system is biased and designed to protect the ruling class. Sanctioning of laws enables the dominant class to pressure a domestic order that allows its interests to be promoted and maintained. This artcle addresses the issue of deviant behavior by members of the ruling class. Specifically, it addresses the issue of law breaking by white-collar criminals. Reasons for law enforcement towards members of the elite are discussed in this article, including conflict reduction and class obedience. A research model is developed for predictors of white-collar crime prosecution.

Bystrova, Elena G. and Petter Gottschalk. 2015. "Social conflict theory and white-collar criminals: why does the ruling class punish their own?" Pakistan Journal of Criminology, 7(1):1-15

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