Anders Gustafsson har publisert en fagartikkel med Claes Högström og Bård Tronvoll i Journal of Business Research


Although brands are acknowledged as significant assets in a firm‟s value creation and differentiation process, branding literature often describes opposing perspectives and contradictory demands. This article develops a framework of three strategic brand management archetypes that provide new insights into the complexity and often paradoxical ambiguity of branding. By combining an empirical qualitative study with extant brand management and relational exchange theory, the authors suggests that firms create, reinforce, switch, or allow certain brand management archetypes to coexist to optimize specific effects and manage paradoxes. From a managerial perspective, the article suggests that understanding strategic brand management and related paradoxes is fundamental for organizations to achieve desired effects with their value creation.

Högström, Claes, Anders Gustafsson and Bård Tronvoll. 2014. “Strategic brand management: archetypes for managing brands through paradoxes.” Journal of Business Research, 68(2):391-404

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