Førsteamanuensis Lena E. Bygballe har publisert en fagartikkel med Malena Ingemansson i Industrial Marketing Management


Research highlights - We combine insights from the industrial network approach with the exploration-exploitation dichotomy to study the logic of innovation in construction - A framework is developed that illustrates the exploration and exploitation processes across the project, company, and network levels in construction - The framework is used to analyze findings from research on innovation in the Norwegian and Swedish construction industry - The research shows that the logic of innovation in construction may be explained by the network context in which construction companies act - Appropriate relations must be established both in the internal and external network to achieve a balance between exploration and exploitation

Bygballe, Lena E. and Malena Ingemansson. 2014. “The logic of innovation in construction.” Industrial Marketing Management , 43(3):512-524

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