Alexander Buhmann har publisert en fagartikkel med Diana Ingenhoff i Public Relations Review


This paper aims to add to the growing discourse on methods in public relations research by showing how variance-based structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) can be used to analyze effects between multiple intangible target constructs in PR. We introduce the properties of the method, compare it to conventional covariance-based SEM, and demonstrate how PLS-SEM can be applied to public relations evaluation using an example study on organizational reputation and its effects on trust, and stakeholder behavior (n = 1892). This paper offers a consequent methodological discussion of PLS-SEM and provides a valuable resource for public relations research aiming to apply the variance-based approach

Ingenhoff, Diana and Alexander Buhmann. 2016. “Advancing PR measurement and evaluation: demonstrating the properties and assessment of variance-based structural equation models using an example study on corporate reputation.” Public Relations Review, 42(3):418-431

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