Matilda Dorotic har publisert en fagartikkel med flere forfattere i Economic Research


The purpose of this paper is to introduce a new practice, i.e. tool for online fundraising in nonprofit organizations, based on the assessment of Internet-induced local civic mindedness (INLCM) as a segmentation approach. We suggest that this novel approach to fundraising segmentation can be performed as the extension to the already existing analyses, utilizing the demographic and psychographic profiles. Based on nationally representative survey results of Croatian households, we develop an analytical procedure. It might help managers of community nonprofit organizations to target the relevant individuals by applying Internet marketing tools (such as Google Analytics) and approaches. Our analysis allows prediction of how likely it is that an individual (based on his or her demographic/psychographic profile) could be identified as INLCM (i.e. successfully targeted for fundraising efforts). Empirical results from Croatia demonstrate that such individuals do not have a lengthy Internet experience and do not use it frequently. The reported level of community belonging for these prospects is rather high, while their relevant Internet activities are related to maintaining the existing social ties and obtaining information about local organizations. It is interesting that they might be living in multi-generational households, either without their own underage children, or a single child.

Alfirevic, Nikša et al. 2015. “Local civil-mindedness on the internet as the basis for fundraising segmentation: sociological, marketing determinants and the empirical analysis.” Economic Research – Ekonomska Istraživanja, 28(1):45-62

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