Göran Persson og Lars Huemer har publisert en fagartikkel med Xiaobei Wang i Long Range Planning


Logistics service provider (LSP) strategy and value creation is a cooperative endeavor. The study focuses on how LSPs create value by taking advantage of being connected and exploring the presence of various forms of interdependence. Using a single case study and a framework addressing network externalities and the concept of value logic interaction, we identify three types of collaborative value creation; distributive, functional and systemic. Whereas the fundamental logic of the LSP is mediation in terms of performing a distributive service, it is also subject to externalities in its functional and systemic value creation initiatives. LSPs are thereby portrayed as strategic entities dealing with a set of interdependencies in order to facilitate value creation in their networks. These firms need a rather advanced understanding of different types of economies and forms of collaboration to succeed. The study also associates different types of LSPs with the identified types of collaborative value creation.

Wang, Xiaobei, Gøran Persson and Lars Huemer. 2016. «Logistics service providers and value creation through collaboration: a case study.» Long Range Planning, 49(1):117-128

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