Eliane Bucher, Christian Fieseler og Christoph Lutz har publisert en fagartikkel i Computers in Human Behavior


In this contribution, we scrutinize the diverse motives for internet-mediated sharing as well as their role in shaping attitudes towards sharing one’s possessions in commercialized as well as non-commercialized settings. On the basis of qualitative and quantitative research, we first develop a scale of sharing motives, showing that the reasons for participating in online sharing platforms are more nuanced than previously thought. Second, employing a motivational model of sharing, rooted in the theory of planned behavior, we show that sharing attitudes are driven by moral, social-hedonic and monetary motivations. Furthermore, we identify materialism, sociability and volunteering as predictors of sharing motives in different sharing contexts. Against this background, we explore the possible role of monetary incentives as a necessary but not sufficient condition for sharing one’s possessions with others.

Bucher, Eliane, Christian Fieseler and Christoph Lutz. 2016. “What’s mine is yours (for a nominal fee): exploring the spectrum of utilitarian to altruistic motives for Internet-mediated sharing.” Computers in Human Behavior, 62:316-326

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