Hva kan jeg bli?

The best way to invest

As a wealth specialist, Hanne Helene Heiestad finds the best ways to create value for Danske Bank’s customers.

  • Navn: Hanne Helene Heiestad
  • Stilling: Wealth Specialist
  • Arbeidsgiver: Danske Bank
  • MSc In Finance

- Traditionally, people may think that a bank is a place where you store your savings, get a credit card or a loan if you are going to buy a house - but banks can offer much more. The bank does everything from insurance to distributing pension, and give advice to people and companies on how to invest their money, Hanne explains, who got a job as a wealth specialist at the bank after finishing her master degree at BI.

A wealth specialist in business development is someone who develop and maintain the bank’s investment products and solutions, advisory- and portfolio tools, alongside internal and external communication on the investment-side.

- My role in all of this is to work with all investment-related areas for our stakeholders in Wealth Management, but ultimately we find the best way to create value for our customers, she continues.

Developing investment solutions

Hanne works in the business development team for wealth management, and the team works with all investment-related areas in the bank.

- We do not provide investment advice directly to the bank's customers, but I am part of the team that maintain and develop investment solutions, products and tools for the advisors to use, she says.

On top of that, business development is involved in developing different tools that the bank's advisors can use to help the customers to invest, whether they are companies or individuals.

For example, advisors can use one of the tools to create different scenarios to simulate and illustrate how different choices can affect the customer’s wealth and investments. In such work, we have to consider the investment allocation and composition between equities and bonds, time horizon of the investment, willingness to take risk and loss ability.

Training advisors and managers

Both the investment solutions, products and tools that advisors use to provide investment advice, must be maintained and up to date. For example, there are occasionally new regulations that the banks are required to follow, or if there is technical product updates needed. Keeping track and making sure products, solutions and tools are compliant are a part of Hanne’s everyday responsibility.

- We also train the bank's advisors and managers in the solutions, tools and products we develop and maintain. In addition to be working with existing products. We need to make sure our advisors know what is being updated or changed. If there for example is a change to the investment products, we are responsible for communicating this to the advisors, the wealth specialist says.

Hanne also work closely with different stakeholders in the bank, such as private banking, retail banking, asset management and risk. A big part of the job is therefore to work across different business units and stakeholders with a variety of different initiatives and projects.

The benefit of traveling

- My job has a lot of variety. I am involved in many projects in collaboration with the bank's departments in Denmark. My responsibility requires me to travel around nationally and internationally to attend workshops, meetings or to get to know colleagues. Traveling and collaborating across borders with Denmark, Sweden and Finland is something I really enjoy, Hanne says.

The wealth specialist is happy to be able to work on so many different projects. It keeps her job exciting, she thinks.

- I learned a lot from the master programme at BI. There was a lot of theory about financial markets, risk, and investment products such as equities, funds and so on. Here at the office, I work more hands-on with what I have studied, which is great. I learn quite a bit by working with colleagues who have more experience, but it is also important to have a strong theoretical background. A good foundation was crucial for getting the job I have today, says Hanne.