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Do you want an education with a strong foundation in business, and a high level of flexibility and opportunities? Customise your own programme by choosing a wide range of subjects.

Business leaders need employers who can easily adjust to the complex and challenging environment of today, and tomorrow. Learn how to navigate this landscape by understanding the dynamics of different organizations, the strategic foundations they build their actions upon, and the microeconomic factors they must consider. When studying business, you will be trained to read and evaluate situations through a wide range of different situations and contexts. You have to be able to zoom in to the details, and then zoom out to get the overview and see the big picture.

Customise your own programme by choosing one of seven majors in addition to selecting free electives from other core fields of business. The comprehensive curriculum will provide you with competence relevant to a wide range of positions, and qualify you for the well-established title of «Siviløkonom». 

The Master in Business is ranked #2 in the Nordics and #33 in the world on the well-known QS World University Ranking of master degrees in management.

Learn how to use theory and methodology for real world problems and for business problems.

All majors in this programme are offered at our campus in Oslo. The major in Leadership and Change is also available at our campus in Bergen.

Choose between these seven majors:

What are the big important questions in economics? 

What are the different aspects of Finance that you will learn at BI?

What can strategists do to strengthen a business’s ability to survive and prosper?

What is the future for the logistics industry? 

How can you translate market insight into actionable implications for businesses?

Why is leadership and change important for businesses going through digital transformations? 

What are the benefits of taking this major?