Jon Ellingsen

Visiting phd candidate - Institutt for samfunnsøkonomi


Ellingsen, Jon; Larsen, Vegard Høghaug & Thorsrud, Leif Anders (2022)

News media versus FRED-MD for macroeconomic forecasting

Journal of applied econometrics, 37(1), s. 63- 81. Doi: 10.1002/jae.2859 - Fulltekst i vitenarkiv

Using a unique dataset of 22.5 million news articles from the Dow Jones Newswires Archive, we perform an in depth real-time out-of-sample forecasting comparison study with one of the most widely used data sets in the newer forecasting literature, namely the FRED-MD dataset. Focusing on US GDP, consumption and investment growth, our results suggest that the news data contains information not captured by the hard economic indicators, and that the news-based data are particularly informative for forecasting consumption developments.

Akademisk grad
År Akademisk institusjon Grad
2017 Universitetet i Oslo MSc in Economics