Sverre Ubisch

Visiting phd candidate


Ubisch, Sverre Søyland von & Wang, Pengfei (2022)

Typical Products for Outside Audiences: The Role of Typicality When Products Traverse Countries

Strategic Organization Doi: 10.1177/14761270221143984

While organization theorists have established the importance of typicality, most studies examine situations where producers and audiences dwell within the same category system (e.g., a country, industry, or market). However, much less attention is paid to the role of typicality when products are introduced from one system to another. Since defining what is typical is commonly system-specific, typical products in one category system may be perceived as being atypical in others. It is therefore important to understand how typicality shapes market exchanges when products traverse category systems. To shed light on this, we introduce two key concepts—home typicality and host typicality—and examine specifically how they affect the performance of products distributed across countries. By analyzing a large sample of films, we find that films are more successful in international markets, when they are more typical of their home countries and/or more atypical of their host countries.

Ubisch, Sverre Søyland & Wang, Pengfei (2019)

Spanning Crisp Categories: Primary Category, Complementary Category, and Their Contrasts

Academy of Management Proceedings Doi: 10.5465/AMBPP.2019.14391abstract

Luzzi, Alessandra & Ubisch, Sverre Søyland (2018)

Crowdfunding and Product Market Performance

[Academic lecture]. Bergen 2018 Entrepreneurship and Finance Conference, NHH.

Ubisch, Sverre Søyland (2017)

Betydelig omfang av FoU rettet mot bioøkonomi

[Article in business/trade/industry journal]. Forskningspolitikk

Sarpebakken, Bo & Ubisch, Sverre Søyland (2017)

Ressursinnsatsen til marin FoU og havbruksforskning i 2015

[Report]. Nordisk institutt for studier av innovasjon, forskning og utdanning NIFU.

Etter avtale med Norges forskningsråd har NIFU kartlagt ressurser anvendt innenfor marin FoU og havbruksforskning i 2015. Tilsvarende undersøkelser er gjennomført hvert annet år siden 1999 for marin FoU, mens havbruksforskning ble del av undersøkelsesopplegget i 2001.

Aksnes, Dag W.; Boateng, Sadiq, Bremnes, Helge, Foyn, Frank, Iversen, Eric James, Nygård, Geir, Piro, Fredrik Niclas, Rørstad, Kristoffer, Bergem, Bjørn Greger, Schjølberg, Rune Rambæk, Senneseth, Knut, Solberg, Espen, Spilling, Olav R & Ubisch, Sverre Søyland (2016)

Resultater og effekter av FoU og innovasjon

Solberg, Espen (red.). Det norske forsknings- og innovasjonssystemet – statistikk og indikatorer 2016

Akademisk grad
År Akademisk institusjon Grad
2015 Oslo and Akershus University College Master of Science
2007 University of Oslo M.A.
År Arbeidsgiver Tittel
2017 - Present BI Norwegian Business School PhD Candidate