Ingvild Andersen

Visiting phd candidate - Institutt for ledelse og organisasjon


Andersen, Ingvild; Buch, Robert & Kuvaas, Bård (2020)

A Literature Review of Social and Economic Leader-Member Exchange

Frontiers in Psychology, 11(1474) Doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2020.01474 - Fulltekst i vitenarkiv

Leader–member exchange (LMX) research has increasingly relied upon the social exchange theory (SET) as a theoretical foundation, but the dominating way of measuring LMX has not followed this theoretical development (Gottfredson et al., 2020). With the aim of developing a measure that more coherently reflects SET, Kuvaas et al. (2012) conceptualized LMX as two qualitatively different relationships, labeled economic LMX and social LMX. Since the most applied LMX measures are under scrutiny for not being sufficiently grounded in theory (Gottfredson et al., 2020), it may be especially important to expose alternative measures. Therefore, we provide a comprehensive review of the research to date applying a two-dimensional approach to LMX, while also adding to interpretation and suggestions for how we can progress the field even further.

Andersen, Ingvild; Nerstad, Christina G. L. & Backe Drange, Karoline (2018)

Leader Goal Orientation Profiles, Motivational Climate and Employee Turnover Intention

[Academic lecture]. Academy of Management Annual Meeting.

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2017 BI Norwegian Business School Master of Science
2015 University of Bergen Bachelor
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2017 - Present BI Norwegian Business School PhD Candidate