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Müller, Ralf Josef & Gemünden, Hans Georg (2018)

Governance und Governmentality: Das Yin und Yang der Steuerung in projektbasiertenOrganisationen

Zeitschrift für Führung und Organisation, 87(5), s. 309- 313.

Governance ist zu einem beliebten Thema in projektbasierten Organisationen geworden. Als eigenständiges Strukturkonzept konzeptualisiert es jedoch die Lenkung von Organisationen nur unzureichend, weil eine ausgleichende menschliche Dimension benötigt wird, damit der Wert dieses Konzepts erzielt werden kann.

Gemünden, Hans Georg; Lehner, Patrick & Kock, Alexander (2018)

The project-oriented organization and its contribution to innovation

International Journal of Project Management, 36(1), s. 147- 160. Doi: 10.1016/j.ijproman.2017.07.009

This paper presents a new conceptualization of the project-oriented organization. The project-oriented organization is conceptualized as an entrepreneurial, future- and stakeholder-oriented innovating organization, which uses projects as temporary, task-focused organizations, to define, develop, and implement its strategies, to transform its structure, culture and behavior, and to define and develop new products, services, and business models. The concept of the project-oriented organization consists of the three segments (1) values, (2) structures, and (3) people. For each segment three important areas are described, which characterize a project-oriented organization. The model is theoretically based on a wide spectrum of management disciplines: (1) The orientations in the value segment have been developed in entrepreneurship, strategic management and technology and innovation management; (2) The foundations for the design of the socio-technical artefacts in the structure segment of derived from organizational design, planning and controlling, and ICT systems theory; (3) The foundations for the elements of the human side come from organizational behavior, human resource management, and knowledge management theories. Our model shows a clear linkage to these theories, references key articles, and gives special consideration to empirical studies in the realm of projects, programs, project portfolios, and project-based or project-oriented organizations. Thus, our assumption that the elements of our model are supposed to increase project success, innovation success, and business success is based on empirical evidence.

Artto, Karlos A.; Gemünden, Hans Georg, Walker, Derek & Peippo-Lavikka, Pirjo (2017)

Is there only one way of project management theorizing, or are there multiple sector-specific project management domains?

International Journal of Managing Projects in Business, 10(1), s. 203- 240. Doi: 10.1108/IJMPB-07-2016-0057

Kopmann, Julian; Kock, Alexander, Killen, Catherine P. & Gemünden, Hans Georg (2017)

The role of project portfolio management in fostering both deliberate and emergent strategy

International Journal of Project Management, 35(4), s. 557- 570. Doi: 10.1016/j.ijproman.2017.02.011 - Fulltekst i vitenarkiv

Formal strategy processes have been shown to be insufficient in shaping strategy, particularly in turbulent environments. Emerging strategies that constitute independently from deliberate top-down strategy processes are important for organizational adaptability. This study explores strategic control mechanisms at the project portfolio level and their influence on emergent and deliberate strategies. Based on a sample of 182 firms, we show that both deliberate and emerging strategies positively influence project portfolio success, complementing each other. In turbulent environments, the relevance of deliberate strategy implementation decreases. Strategic control activities not only foster the implementation of intended strategies, but also disclose strategic opportunities by unveiling emerging patterns. Furthermore, we find that deliberate strategy implementation and emerging strategy recognition mediate the performance impact of strategic control. Our findings suggest that strategic control at the project portfolio level has an important role to play in the purposeful management of emergent strategies.

Ekrot, Bastian; Rank, Johannnes, Kock, Alexander & Gemünden, Hans Georg (2016)

Retaining and satisfying project managers – antecedents and outcomes of project managers’ perceived organizational support

International Journal of Human Resource Management Doi: 10.1080/09585192.2016.1255903

Ekrot, Bastian; Kock, Alexander & Gemünden, Hans Georg (2016)

Retaining Project Management Competence - Antecedents and Consequences.

International Journal of Project Management, 34(2), s. 145- 157. Doi: 10.1016/j.ijproman.2015.10.010

Ekrot, Bastian; Rank, Johannnes & Gemünden, Hans Georg (2016)

Antecedents of Project Managers' Voice Behavior - The Moderating Effect of Or-ganization-Based Self-Esteem and Affective Organizational Commitment.

International Journal of Project Management, 34(6), s. 1028- 1042. Doi: 10.1016/j.ijproman.2015.10.011

Kock, Alexander & Gemünden, Hans Georg (2016)

Antecedents to Decision-making Quality and Agility in Innovation Portfolio Management

The Journal of product innovation management, 33(6), s. 670- 686. Doi: 10.1111/jpim.12336

Kock, Alexander; Heising, Wilderich & Gemünden, Hans Georg (2016)

A Contingency Approach on the Impact of Front-End Success on Project Portfolio Success

Project Management Journal, 47(2), s. 115- 129. Doi: 10.1002/pmj.21575

Gemünden, Hans Georg (2015)

Success Factors of Global New Product Development Programs, the Definition of Project Success, Knowledge Sharing, and Special Issues of Project Management Journal.

Project Management Journal, 46(1), s. 2- 11.

Gemünden, Hans Georg (2015)

When Less is More, and When Less is Less.

Project Management Journal, 46(2), s. 3- 9.

Kopmann, Julian; Ekrot, Bastian, Kock, Alexander & Gemünden, Hans Georg (2015)

Multiprojektmanagement: Not oder Tugend? Ergebnisse der aktuellen MPM-Benchmarking-Studie.

projektManagement aktuell, 26(2), s. 31- 38.

Gemünden, Hans Georg & Aubry, Monique (2015)

Success, Learning, and Risk.

Project Management Journal, 46(4), s. 2- 5.

Kock, Alexander; Heising, Wilderich & Gemünden, Hans Georg (2015)

How Ideation Portfolio Management Influences Front End Success.

The Journal of product innovation management, 32(4), s. 539- 555. Doi: 10.1111/jpim.12217

Kopmann, Julian; Kock, Alexander, Killen, Catherine & Gemünden, Hans Georg (2015)

Business Case Control in Project Portfolios – An Empirical Investigation of Perfor-mance Consequences and Moderating Effects.

IEEE transactions on engineering management, 62(4), s. 529- 543. Doi: 10.1109/TEM.2015.2454437

Rank, Johannnes; Unger, Barbara & Gemünden, Hans Georg (2015)

Preparedness for the Future in Project Portfolio Management: The Roles of Proac-tiveness, Riskiness and Willingness to Cannibalize.

International Journal of Project Management, 33(8), s. 1730- 1743. Doi: 10.1016/j.ijproman.2015.08.002

Gemünden, Hans Georg & Aubry, Monique (1)

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Gemünden, Hans Georg (1)

The Fascinating World of Megaprojects.

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Gemünden, Hans Georg (1)

Foundations of Project Management Research: Stakeholders and Agile.

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Björk, Jenny; Hölzle, Katharina, Gemünden, Hans Georg, Killen, Catherine & Kock, Alexander (1)


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Gemünden, Hans Georg (1)

Project Networks—An Important—But Still Under-Researched Topic in Project Management Research.

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