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Educated as a psychologist at the University of Oslo, Per Espen has a also studied organizational theory, philosophy and mythology. He has worked both as a clinical psychologist and organizational psychologist and holds a senior lecturer position at BI Norwegian School of Management. Works now with scenario based strategy for organisations and teach a two-year ExA Coaching program at NIKUT – ExA Institute of Norway. Published three books in Norwegian. Published Money and Soul, the psychology of money and the transformation of capitalism.

Research areas
Climate and environmental strategies, economic psychology, energy systems.

Teaching areas
Climate strategy, scenarios, foresight and corporate strategy, team development, behavioral economics


Stoknes, Per Espen & Rockström, Johan (2018)

Redefining green growth within planetary boundaries

Energy Research & Social Science, 44, s. 41- 49. Doi: 10.1016/j.erss.2018.04.030

Over the last decade, green growth policies have drawn increasing interest. OECD, UNEP, the World Bank and the EC have had several initiatives on the issue, and the Nordic countries have a special program on it. Definitions and indicator sets have been developed, though critics have pointed out that most initiatives amount to little more than a greenwashing of conventional economic growth. The paper proposes and discusses two definitions of green growth, one weak and one strong. Both build on resource- and carbon productivity measures, but whereas the weak definition requires absolute decoupling, the strong or “genuine green growth” requires sufficient decoupling to achieve science based targets for planetary boundaries. The approach is tested at country levels, starting with the climate boundary, by analyzing progress on carbon productivity (“CAPRO”) in Nordic countries since 2000. Results show that so far, among Nordic countries, Sweden, Finland and Denmark have achieved genuine green growth, while Norway has not. Implications for policy and communication of green growth are discussed.

Hauge, Åshild Lappegard; Almås, Anders-Johan, Flyen, Cecilie, Stoknes, Per Espen & Lohne, Jardar (2017)

User guides for the climate adaptation of buildings and infrastructure in Norway – Characteristics and impact

Climate Services, 6, s. 23- 33. Doi: 10.1016/j.cliser.2017.06.009 - Fulltekst i vitenarkiv

To reduce future damages on buildings and infrastructure, and prepare society for the coming climate challenges, in recent years numerous user guides have been developed. The objective of this study is to provide the first overview and analysis of, the characteristics of the existing guidance material for the climate adaptation of the built environment in Norway. 84 user guides and web portals are mapped and analysed, focusing on target groups and topics. The results are viewed in relation to qualitative interviews with experts responsible for promoting climate adaptation. A large share of the guidance material communicates climate adaptation at a general level rather than in-depth practical measures. The interviews confirm that there is an overwhelming amount of guidance material, and it is suggested that this may cause confusion and uncertainty among users. The study and its findings are placed within a context of the climate services literature, and ‘‘user guides” are understood as a type of ‘‘climate services product”. A main conclusion is that the abundance of user guides does not automatically lead to better climate adaptation. Too few user guides for climate adaptation sufficiently secure easily accessible information on practical measures. The guides are not broadly utilised, the language and length of the texts are sometimes problematic, and the target groups are often wide or not specified. The results presented may be used in order to develop improved user guides for climate adaptation in societies with similar climate and societal challenges to those in Norway.

Stoknes, Per Espen (2015)

A happy Climate? A new narrative for climate politics in the 21st century

Stoknes, Per Espen & Eliassen, Kjell Arnold (red.). Science based activism. Festschrift to Jørgen Randers

Stoknes, Per Espen & Eliassen, Kjell Arnold (2015)

Science based activism. Festschrift to Jørgen Randers


Stoknes, Per Espen (2014)

Rethinking climate communications and the “psychological climate paradox”

Energy Research & Social Science, 1, s. 161- 170. Doi: 10.1016/j.erss.2014.03.007 - Fulltekst i vitenarkiv

Greaker, Mads; Stoknes, Per Espen, Alfsen, Knut H. & Ericson, Torgeir (2013)

A Kantian approach to sustainable development indicators for climate change

Ecological Economics, 91, s. 10- 18. Doi: 10.1016/j.ecolecon.2013.03.011

Stoknes, Per Espen & Schwarzenegger, Arnold (2015)

GOP - don't lose out on the energy revolution

CNN.com [Kronikk]

Stoknes, Per Espen (2015)

NRK Klima-uke P1 NRK.no: Klimapsykologi i 10 X 2min animerte intervjuer

http://nrk.no/skole/klippdetalj?topic=urn:x-mediadb:21291 [Internett]

Stoknes, Per Espen (2015)

NRK P1 Debatten, 3. Des, om Klima. Innledning om klimapsykologi.


Kleiven, Helga Flesche; Stoknes, Per Espen, Mohn, Klaus & Furdal, Turid (2013)

Kvifor fornektar me klimakrisa?

Stavanger Aftenblad [Avis]

Stoknes, Per Espen (2015)

What We Think About - When We Try Not To Think About - Global Warming: The New Psychology of Climate Science Communication

[Academic lecture]. AGU Joint Assembly 2015.

Stoknes, Per Espen (2015)

"The Great Grief: How To Cope with Losing Our World"

[Popular scientific article]. Psychologytoday.com

Stoknes, Per Espen (2015)

What we think about when we try not to think about global warming : toward a new psychology of climate action

[Scientific book]. Chelsea Green Publ.

Stoknes, Per Espen (2009)

Money and Soul - The Pscyhology of money and the transformation of capitalism

[Textbook]. Green Books.

Stoknes, Per Espen (2007)

Penger og Sjel - en ny balanse mellom finans og følelser

[Scientific book]. Flux forlag.

Akademisk grad
År Akademisk institusjon Grad
2011 University of Oslo Ph.D Dr. Philos.
1994 University of Oslo Master Cand. Psychol.
År Arbeidsgiver Tittel
2012 - Present MetalPlas AS Chairman, project leader
2011 - Present BI Norwegian Business School Senior Researcher
2006 - Present BI Norwegian Business School Adjunct Senior Lecturer
2001 - Present Norwegian Inst. Expressive arts & communication Head of studies Coaching
2000 - Present Stoknes Futures AS Chairman, owner, consultant
2008 - 2013 GasPlas AS Chairman, Co-founder, head of research
2009 - 2011 BI Norwegian Business School Researcher
2000 - 2005 BI Norwegian Business School Industrial Professor II
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