A New Approach to Integrated Communication - Workshop

The Centre for Corporate Communication at BI is pleased to offer a special workshop on the enduring challenge of Integrated Communication.

The workshop will offer an update on what is happening in the field from the viewpoint of both marketing and public relations, but will focus on participants and their own perceptions of what Integrated Communication is and their own experiences in achieving integration (what works, what doesn’t).

Professor Ansgar Zerfass will present the latest research from Germany, “Integrated Communication 2017” by the University of Leipzig and the F.A.Z.-Institute where they interviewed 257 decision-makers from marketing and corporate communication/PR.

Praktisk info

  • Tid:torsdag 31. mai 2018 09.30 - 14.30
  • Sted:BI Norwegian Business School
  • Kontakt:Astri Grytten (astri-hjad-pirounn.grytten@bi.no)