The Norwegian seminar on Green Economics

In a rapidly changing world, how can economics rethink the economy's relation to planetary boundaries? This wasn't important in 1900s, but is critical for the 2000s.

A policy direction that is smart, inclusive and takes advantages of "green" as the next big technological and market opportunity. We explore what role the State is in ensuring whether opportunities are taken, and the importance of direct public investment for promoting the creation of public goods and courageous risk-taking in research and innovation in both the public and the private sectors. This BI seminar gives you the theory, practical examples and mingling you need to get updated. The program may be subject to changes.

Praktisk info

  • Tid:onsdag 30. mai 2018 08.15 - 15.10
  • Sted:BI Norwegian Business School, Nydalsveien 37, Oslo, Room: C1-010
  • Pris:Free attendence, NOK 400 no-show fee
  • Kontakt:Kristina Klufterud (


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    HKH Mette-Marit

  • Part 1 - Sustainable Development Goals within Planetary Boundaries

    09:05 Johan Rockstrøm, prof SRC: Planetary boundaries ... planetary economics?

    09:25 Nina Eklund, CEO Haga-initiative: How Swedish business are rethinking emission economics.

    09:55 Bjørn Haugland, DNV-GL: The SDG's and the Energy outlook for the coming decades.

    10:10 Jørgen Randers, prof. BI: Improving wellbeing for the world's billions by three solutions.

    10:30 Panel: What does 21st Century economics look like? 

  • Break

  • Part 2 - New Norwegian Green Innovations for the Next Decades

    11:00 Bivotec, CEO Ralf Scmith: From biowaste to advanced wound care treatment

    11:10 Viking Heat Engines, CEO Tor Hodne: Power your processes with waste heat

    11:20 Hunton Fiber AS, Chairman F. W. Mowinckel: Natural-fiber insulation - A game changer.

    11:30 Ocean Project: CEO Christofer Troedsson: Tunicates - A new marine biomass for animal feed

    11:40 Entra, CEO Arve Regland - Green buildings - how to calculate profitability?

    11:50 Helen&Hard, CEO Siv Stangeland: exploring nordic architecture & design

  • Lunch

  • Part 3 - Integrating Sustainability into the Nordic Model

    13:10 Jannike Østervold, Cultura Bank: Value based banking for the real economy

    13:25 Catherine Banet & Sylvia Weddegjerde, Coolcrowd: Consumer crowdfounding of agricultural carbon?

    13:40 Beate Sjåfjell prof UiO Dep of Law: Integrating SDGs into Corporate Law

    14:00 Kalle Moene, prof UiO Dep of Econ: Integrating SDGs into the Nordic Model

    14:20 Martin Skancke: Climate Risk Commission: Integrating Climate Risk into the Financial Stabaility and the Norwegian Economy.

    14:40 Panel: Questions from participants in finance, research and business on SDGs into Nordic Model, using

    15:00 Closing comments by the partnership DNV-GL, Cultura Bank and BI