Forskningsministeren gratulerer BI

3. juni 2011

Forskningsminister Tora Aasland og ambassadøren i Kina gratulerer Handelshøyskolen BI og Fudan University med 15- årsjubileet 4. juni.

"Det 15 år lange samarbeidet mellom Fudan University og Handelshøyskolen BI illustrerer at et samarbeid om forskning og høyere utdanning er en gjensidig gevinst for begge land", skriver forsknings- og høyere utdanningsminister Tora Aasland i brevet.

Den norske ambassadøren i Kina, Svein O. Sæther har også sendt en hilsen. "BI har siden 1996 vært ledende når det det gjelder det norske akademiske samarbeidet med Kina gjennom sine program ved Fudan University".

Les utdrag av hilsningene her:

Today, the growing importance and influence of China is evident to everyone.  While Norway’s challenge on the international scene is to make ourselves visible in strong competition with much larger countries, China is in a position to choose partners from the top shelf.

In a number of areas, however, China and Norway have common interests. This certainly applies for international cooperation within research and education, where new Sino-Norwegian initiatives are introduced on a regular basis. When it comes to the sharing of knowledge and ideas, quality is obviously more important than size!

This explains the extensive relations between Chinese and Norwegian researchers in such diverse fields as climate, environment, renewable energy and polar research. I am also pleased to notice that higher education co-operation is a growing field of interest. 

The fifteen years of collaboration between Fudan University’s School of Management and the Norwegian Business School (BI) clearly illustrate that research and higher education cooperation can be of mutual benefit to both countries.

The bonds between the Fudan School of Management and the Norwegian Business School have already harvested a lot of ripened fruits. I congratulate both institutions on their fifteenth anniversary of collaboration – and hope you will enjoy even more seeding and harvesting, through strengthening of the existing relations and through new partnerships, in the years to come.

Tora Aasland
Minister of Research and Higher Education



Ambassadør Svein O. Sæther.My warmest congratulations to BI Norwegian Business School and Fudan University School of Management on their 15 years of fruitful cooperation.

Since 1996, BI has been pioneering Norwegian academic cooperation with China through their programmes at Fudan University. Among others, BI has developed a highly esteemed Master of Business Administration (MBA), educating more than 1700 highly qualified business executives from China and abroad. BI is also an important contributor in building interest and knowledge about China in Norway, in particular among young students.

I wish BI and Fudan School of Management the best of luck for this important anniversary, and trust that the future will bring even broader cooperation to the benefit of Sino-Norwegian relations!

Yours sincerely,

Svein O. Sæther
Ambassador of Norway

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