Casekonkurransen i Montreal (oppdateres)

27. februar 2015

Her kommer det oppdateringer fra casekonkurransen i Montreal.

Zenith Consulting fra BI Bergen gikk av med seieren under BI National Case Competition i Stavanger 29-30 oktober i 2014. Nå representerer de BI i den internasjonale casekonkurransen i Montreal. Der møter de handelshøyskoler fra hele verden.

Oppdateringer fra coach og førsteamanuensis Eric Lofquist.

Leader board before fridays presentations:


Day 2 - 24.02:

Greetings from Montreal. Getting ready to meet for breakfast before the final round-robin day. The students are really excited after a great performance and win yesterday. We compete head to head with the top team in the division HEC Montreal today. We ate dinner together with them last night and had a great time. The students made a great comeback after a slow start on Monday. They were a bit nervous, but they were back up to speed yesterday and beat the team that beat HEC Montreal on Monday. 

Day 3 - 25.02:

Another loss but very close with a very good presentation. They were actually much better than the Canadian team from Montreal but it was a French Canadian case, in front of French Canadian judges and a room full of French Canadian students. The judges said it was the best presentation of the day, by far, but they didn't buy the solution. We the coach thought they had lost. In any case, it should be close and the final case on Friday really is the decider.

Day 4 - 26.02

Today is a free day. The students had a great dinner and dancing evening last night. Our division is very tight so whoever wins on Friday goes to the finals. They have improved every round and their presentational skills are well above any of the other teams I have seen. The judges have also mentioned this. Their solutions have also been very good. They have simply lacked the meat to back up their solutions. They will receive their 24 hour case at 1000 tomorrow.

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