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International Marketing

This course gives you a better understanding of globalization and how this affects firms. In order to implement international marketing, this knowledge is important for judging changes in the competitive situation and for opportunities and threats.

Why international marketing?

In this course you will gain a basic understanding of international marketing, and you will be able to differ international marketing from domestic marketing. Further, you will build knowledge about external environmental factors and better understand how to develop international marketing strategies in globalizing marketing.

With greater knowledge about globalization and cultural differences, you will better understand what consequences this have for business operating in international markets e.g. product strategies, pricing, communication and distribution.


Course outline

  • Analysis of the external marketing environment
  • International market research and information sources
  • The internalization theory
  • Analysis of the internal international company culture
  • International marketing strategy
  • International market selection
  • International entry modes and sourcing
  • International product strategy, pricing, and market communication
  • Control and implementations of international marketing activities
  • Analysis and discussion of practical cases

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Stavanger: vår 2022