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Shipping management

This course offers a thorough introduction to shipping management. The students will learn about different types of ships and their trades. The practice and economics of international shipping is covered.

Why Shipping Management?

During the course students should develop recognition of shipping’s role in society, shipping’s role in the world economy and be able to reflect on shipping’s responsibility to the environment. They will know how to operate a ship in order to calculate profits and losses and the importance for securing safe and environmentally viable shipping services across the world. They will also know the mechanisms behind the operation of a ship, and how to calculate a profit or loss when offering shipping services, as well as how to plan ahead and which contract types to use for the deployment of ships. 


Course outline

  • Common contracts used for deployment of ships
  • Management of the vessels and fleet
  • Short term and long term contracts commonly used in shipping
  • Chartering of vessels and contracts used
  • The legal aspect of chartering
  • The costs elements in shipping
  • The principal shipping markets, the demand for and supply of shipping services
  • Shipping operations and trading routes
  • Revenues and costs in shipping
  • Understanding the dynamics of shipping business cycles
  • Understand the planning phase of ship management
  • Voyage calculation
  • Case work and summary

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