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Business Communication - Culture and Ethics


This course is relevant for people who plan to do business in an international, multi-cultural context and who would like more insight into the ethics of business.

Kursets innhold

1. Intercultural Communication

The syllabus materials present students with a portfolio of theoretical ideas within the field of intercultural awareness. They are supplied from the work of Gesteland, Hall, Hofstede, Trompenaars and the GLOBE project and are presented in detail in the required reading list (see below). The supplementary reading list (see below) provides students with an opportunity to acquire a rudimentary knowledge of the characteristics of the national business cultures of Norway and six important trading partners of Norway: USA, Germany, France, UK, Japan and China.  

2. Ethical Dilemmas

The syllabus materials (details below) will present students with a selection of ethical decision-making tools. Students are expected to learn these ideas and to then practise using them in business situations in which simple economic models of utility maximization are not sufficient.


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