Utdrag fra kursbeskrivelse

Data Analysis with Programming


The students will learn the most important techniques in applied statistics and data analysis, with an emphasis on linear regression. Students are given hands-on experience with data analysis projects, and will gain further knowledge in working with data, using descriptive statistics to motivate models, and using models to turn data into actionable knowledge. Data examples and applications will be given.

Kursets innhold

The following topics will be covered using Python as statistical analysis system.

  • Statistical inference for simple linear regression and basic
    residual analysis.
  • Briefly on the multiple linear regression model and general OLS. Residuals.
  • Linear regression with a linear and quadratic term: Introduction to
    multiple linear regression and OLS.
  • Multiple linear regression with categorical variables: OLS estimation, ANOVA and the comparison of group averages. Introduction to the F-test.
  • Introduction to multiple linear regression modelling: Assumptions, inference, diagnostics and influential observations.


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