Utdrag fra kursbeskrivelse

Art and Design Industries


Along with other elements of the creative industries, art and design are forecast have increased social and economic importance both locally and abroad in the coming years. Broadly covering the visual arts, graphic and visual design, digital design, and formgiving design (clothing, furniture, interior, etc.), the course facilitates students to gain knowledge about the art and design industries' actors, structures, processes, metrics of value, economic and cultural policy conditions, and range of visual expressions. Students develop skills in design thinking, art and design related communication/marketing, industry-specific analytics, and how to adapt traditional project management tools for working with artists and designers.

Kursets innhold

  • What is art and design and what (if anything) separates them?
  • Mapping the art and design industries by their goods, participants, structures and organizations
  • Introduction to design thinking
  • Visual expression, the challenges of communication, and approaches to communicating art and design
  • Systems of value in art and design, and the correlation and antagonism between these
  • The financial value chain within art and design
  • The market for art and design goods
  • Project management within art and design industries


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