Utdrag fra kursbeskrivelse

Technology Management and Disruptive Innovations


Rapid changes in technology – information technology in particular - changes the competitive environment for many industries, in some cases (music recordings, newspapers, certain mobile phone manufacturers) putting existing companies out of business. To counter this, and to take advantage of technology developments, managers need to understand how technologies evolve, under which conditions they can threaten existing business models, and how to effectuate organizational change to defend or abandon existing practices before it is too late.

Kursets innhold

The course will be based on two themes: 

  • Understanding the role of IT in organizations: This part of the course will analyze organizations in terms of the chains, shops, networks framework, trying to understand how value is created in each of these strategic configurations, and how IT supports this value creation.
  • Understanding technology evolution: Focus on how technologies evolve, how to position your self as a provider or user of technologies, phases of competition, sustaining and disruptive technologies, network externalities and intellectual property.


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