Empowering People Improving Business

Senior Executive from BI

Terje Mjøs

CEO of Evry


“Get the qualifications, get the knowledge, don't give up half-way through.”

CNN's Richard Quest invited some of Norway’s thought leaders to debate on BI on the subject "Protecting companies in the big bad world – Should governments intervene?"

AACSB accredited

The only Norwegian business school with triple international accreditation.


Recent articles

  • BI Career Fair 2014

    This year’s career fair has been an action-packed four days with appearances from some the world’s most sought-after employers. New connections and opportunities were created – but not just for the students.

  • Presidential Scholarships awarded to top students

    The BI Presidential Scholarship has been awarded to twenty-one top students, all who have proven themselves to be of the highest standards.

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