Empowering People Improving Business

Most of the senior executives in Norway received their education from BI

Senior Executive from BI

Terje Mjøs

CEO of Evry


“Get the qualifications, get the knowledge, don’t give up half-way through.”

Feeling passionate about one's job is usually a good thing – but not always. For some it could lead to an unhealthy obsession.

AACSB accredited

The only Norwegian business school with triple international accreditation.



  • Reinforcement of academic management at BI

    The Board of Trustees today approved the appointments of Professor Ulf Henning Olsson as provost for Research and Academic Resources and Professor Dag Morten Dalen as provost for Academic Supervision and Quality Assurance.

  • Spending the summer as an entrepreneur

    Christian Høie Lie (23) is studying for his MSc in Economics at BI and chosen a different summer this year: - My dream is to start my own business, he says to E24, 20 of May.

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