Roberto Tubaldi

Postdoktorstipendiat - Institutt for finans


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My research interests are in the area of corporate finance and institutional investors. I study how non-fundamental liquidity shocks deriving from natural disasters affect corporate policies through the channel of mutual fund flows. In another work, we analyze how the interplay between institutional investors with different signals affects market efficiency.


Di Maggio, Marco; Franzoni, Francesco, Massa, Massimo & Roberto, Tubaldi (2024)

Strategic trading as a response to short sellers

Journal of financial markets, 69 Doi: 10.1016/j.finmar.2024.100911

Akademisk grad
År Akademisk institusjon Grad
2021 USI Lugano and the Swiss Finance Institute PhD in Finance
År Arbeidsgiver Tittel
2021 - Present BI Norwegian Business School Assistant Professor