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Donatella De Paoli is Associate Professor at the Norwegian Business School BI at the Department of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour. She holds a PhD from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Adm in Organizational behavior / Project Management, on a dissertation about team processes in large projects. De Paoli has worked both as a consultant in leadership development, given many speaches and been a researcher in several research projects. She has developed the field of Arts Management at BI and has wrtten reports about the cultural industries for different public agencies in Norway. De Paoli is currently involved in an international research project about the role of spaces and places for leadership and organizing, using the evolving oganizational aesthetic perspective. The leadership of creativity and specifically what business can learn from the arts and cultural orgaizations is also of specific interest.

Research areas
The main interest of Donatella De Paoli is boh the organizing of creativity and the arts, as well as how aesthetics, through spaces and places influences leadership and organizing. Art, aesthetics and creativity are key words in De Paolis research. The first book called 'Art and capital' in 2005 about the new relations and exchanges between arts&business set the tone for further research within this field. The main interest here is now what business and specifically project management can learn from the arts regarding the management of creativity and innovation. De Paoli has done research about the cultural industries and fields for different public agencies. Developing the book ' Organizing arts and culture' sparked the way for research on the leadership of art institutions and creative projects. Since 2011 she has been involved in doing research about the role of spaces and places for virtual project teams, how leadership is formed and transferred through open, flexible officing and how work space influences project leadership.

Teaching areas

Donatella De Paolis main teaching areas are the leadership of arts and cultural organizations, the leadership of creative processes, team processes in project teams and the leadership of competence based organizing. She teaches these issues both on bachelor and master level.
Akademisk grad
År Akademisk institusjon Grad
1996 Norwegian School of Economics, NHH Ph.D Dr. Oecon.
1989 BI Norwegian Business School Master of Science in Business
År Arbeidsgiver Tittel
1999 - Present BI Norwegian Business School Associate Professor
2011 - 2014 University of Tampere Researcher
2006 - 2009 The Strategic Danish Research Agency Member Program Committee
1999 - 2001 Norwegian Building Research Institute Researcher
1996 - 1999 AFF at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Adm, NHH Consultant
1995 - 1996 Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU Researcher
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