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Miloš Novović is an associate professor of law a BI, specializing in law and technology. He is responsible for several courses on privacy and data protection, as well as legal tech courses covering issues such as digital contracts, copyright, AI and digital platforms. His teaching and research interests also include international commercial contracts and arbitration law.
Miloš holds a PhD in law from University of Oslo, where he wrote about copyright, contract and private international law issues stemming from copyright-related terms of use agreements offered by largest online companies. He also holds an LL.M. in intellectual property law from the George Washington University, as well as an LL.B. from University of Montenegro.
Miloš provided privacy and IT contract-related advice to major Norwegian and international companies over several years, and is a chairman of the Norwegian Society for Comparative Law.


Novovic, Milos (2023)

Arbitrability of Data Protection Disputes: Personal Data, Personalized Justice?

European Review of Contract Law (ERCL), 19(3), s. 215- 238. Doi: 10.1515/ercl-2023-2012

This article explores the interplay between international arbitration and data subject compensation claims under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The analysis focuses on the validity and enforcement of arbitration agreements and the resulting awards. The article argues that despite potential skepticism, arbitration can offer significant benefits to data subjects, and that compensation claims under the GDPR should be considered arbitrable under the New York Convention and CJEU case law. The article further argues that EU courts have a duty to refer disputes to arbitration, and that the mandatory provisions of EU law have limited means of interfering with this duty. Furthermore, it establishes that the misapplication of GDPR provisions does not automatically justify the denial of arbitral award recognition. The article argues that this is a natural extension of trust traditionally shown to arbitrators, and that such trust should not be easily cast aside.

Novovic, Milos (2022)

Privacy Nutrition Labels, App Store and the GDPR: Unintended Consequences?

Journal of Data Protection and Privacy, 5(3), s. 267- 280.

Novovic, Milos (2019)

Fighting European ‘Copyright Tourism’: Lessons from Defamation Laws

European Review of Private Law, 27(5), s. 949- 971.

In the recent cases of Pinckney and Hejduk, the ECJ revised European rules on jurisdiction over online copyright infringement disputes – making it possible for claimants to bring their lawsuits in virtually any European country. Due to the application of lex loci protectionis, this choice of venue also affects the law applicable to disputes. This article shows that this results in a substantial forum shopping risk, despite safety mechanisms built into the ECJ judgments. It explains that forum shopping is not inherently bad, but that it creates major problems for copyright laws, given its potential to shift the balance between the authors and exploiters of the work. In an attempt to identify a possible solution, this article turns to the substantive implementation of de minimis principle in Principles on Conflict of Laws in Intellectual Property (CLIP) Principles. The success of this approach is illustrated through the field of media law, and specifically, the way in which United Kingdom solved the problem of libel tourism. Examining the substantive requirement of ‘serious harm’ found in the UK Defamation Act of 2013, the article proposes amending national copyright laws as to state that absent showing of the intention to target a certain Member State by the online infringing activity or, alternatively, a ‘serious harm’ suffered on its territory, no copyright infringement is to be found. This way, forum shopping in online copyright infringement cases may be stopped in its tracks, before it becomes a rampant practice in Europe

Spaic, Aneta; Nolasco, Claire & Novovic, Milos (2016)

Decriminalization of defamation – The Balkans case: a temporary remedy or a long term solution?

International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice, 47, s. 21- 30. Doi: 10.1016/j.ijlcj.2016.05.002

Spaic, Aneta; Novovic, Milos & Nolasco, Claire (2014)

Libel tourism in the light of the most recent EU cases

Media Dialogues

Spaic, Aneta & Novovic, Milos (2014)

International Encyclopaedia for Commercial and Economic Law – Montenegro national monograph

Kluwer Law International.

Novovic, Milos (2014)

Loose Lips Sink Ships: Mandatory Confidential Arbitration of Employment Disputes as a Reputational Risk Management Tool

Journal of International Arbitration, 31, s. 541- 555.

Hasnaoui, Nadia; Skjoldli, Jane, Hov, Maren Ranhoff, Linde, Jørgen Erland, Novovic, Milos, Adam, Anne-Catrin, Snipstad, Sofie, Mitchell, Monica Gundersen & Aurand, Katherine Rose (2016)

Forsker Grand Prix 2016, nasjonal finale i Bergen


Novovic, Milos (2016)

Forsker Grand Prix

Norway/NRK [TV]

Novovic, Milos & Hennig, Martin (2020)


Rijpma, Jorrit J. (red.). The New EU Data Protection Regime: Setting Global Standards for the Right to Personal Data Protection

Novovic, Milos (2016)

Digital Single Market Strategy developments: towards comprehensive copyright reforms?

[Article in business/trade/industry journal]. Nytt i privatretten : nyhetsbrev for informasjon på det privatret

Novovic, Milos (2015)

Case review: Art & Allposters International BV v Stichting Pictoright, C‑419/13

[Article in business/trade/industry journal]. Nytt i privatretten : nyhetsbrev for informasjon på det privatret

Novovic, Milos (2015)

Case review: Pez Hejduk v EnergieAgentur.NRW GmbH, C-441/13

[Article in business/trade/industry journal]. Nytt i privatretten : nyhetsbrev for informasjon på det privatret

Akademisk grad
År Akademisk institusjon Grad
2017 University of Oslo Ph.D Dr. Philos.
2012 The George Washington University Law School Master of Laws
2010 University of Montenegro Bachelor of Science
År Arbeidsgiver Tittel
2018 - Present BI Norwegian Business School Associate professor
2017 - 2019 Telenor Group Senior Privacy Advisor
2013 - 2017 University of Oslo Doctoral Research Fellow
2012 - 2013 Erste Bank AS Expert Associate for Compliance Affairs