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Business Communication: Culture and Ethics

The overall objective of the course is to enable you to develop the English skills needed to communicate effectively in the international business environment.

Why Business Communication: Culture and Ethics?

This course looks at intercultural communication and how culture affects business relationships. The focus is primarily on the American, British, Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Norwegian business cultures, and on how the intercultural terminology can be applied. In addition, this course gives participants the opportunity to analyze business dilemmas from an ethical perspective. Through the course you will also learn to demonstrate an understanding of intercultural awareness and ethical reflection by showing insight, balanced judgement and professionalism in written application of course-related material.

Course outline

  • Intercultural Communication in Business Cultures: Concepts and terminology used in the analysis of business cultures
  • Ethical dilemmas: Business issues with an ethical dimension. 

Practical information


Nettstudier: høst 2024

Studiestart nettstudier: mandag 19. august.

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