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Marketing Communication

This course provides students with an introduction to contemporary marketing communication and prepares them to successfully navigate today's cluttered and ever-evolving communication environment.

Why Marketing Communication?

Even the best products and services don't sell themselves. To create and sustain demand, marketers need to communicate with their customers, consumers, and other stakeholders.

We will explore topics linked to strategic planning and tactical execution, and also consider the psychological foundations of marketing communication. Throughout the course, students will get to analyze, develop, and evaluate marketing communication strategies and executions.

Course content

  • Psychological models of how marketing communications work
  • The structure of the marketing communication industry
  • Developing a communication plan
  • Budgeting considerations
  • Determining communication objectives
  • Generating and leveraging insights
  • Positioning
  • Integrating marketing communications
  • Measuring impact
  • Media strategy
  • Creative strategy
  • Message strategies and execution
  • Multisensory marketing communication
  • Persuasion tactics

Practical information


Nettstudier: høst 2024

Studiestart nettstudier: mandag 19. august.

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