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Research areas

Marketing is about positioning the company for future growth in terms of growing the expected number of customers and their expected cashflow across segments and product categories. Marketing is a set of organization-wide activities that connects the company with a network of customers and partners in ways that create attractive value for customers and sustainable profit for the company. Companies must develop a portfolio of products that are both profitable and attractive across segments. Companies must also attract, leverage, convert (strengthen brand relationships), and defend their portfolio of customers.

Teaching areas

Various courses related to marketing strategy and management including topics like marketing organization, analytics, branding, customer loyalty.


Rai, Ranvir Singh & Selnes, Fred Erling (2019)

Conceptualizing task-technology fit and the effect on adoption – A case study of a digital textbook service

Information & Management, s. 1- 10. Doi: 10.1016/j.im.2019.04.004 - Fulltekst i vitenarkiv

Although information technology has revolutionized virtually every aspect of how we interact with products and services, it has changed learning to a surprisingly small degree. In a study of a digital textbook service, we provide a new conceptual definition and measurement of technology fit. We conceptualize task-technology fit as how well a technology is integrated with a set of interrelated tasks included in achieving the goal of the behavior where the technology is used. Whereas research on technology adoption typically explains around 40 percent of the variance in motivation to adopt, our model explains as much as 76 percent.

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Er Markedsføring virkelig en vitenskap?

Kunne ikke finne tidsskrift Revang, Ø

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The Effect of Product Expertise on Decision Making and Search for Written and Sensory Information

?, 26

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Antecedents and Consequences of Trust and Satisfaction in Buyer-Seller Relationships

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Feiltolkning av reklameeffekt

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Selnes, Fred Erling & Johnson, Michael D. (2022)

Manage Your Customer Portfolıo for Maximum Lifetime Value

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Membership Change in Advertising Teams: The Role of Market Knowledge and Task Elaboration

[Academic lecture]. Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2019.

Tariq, Adeel Ahmed; Selnes, Fred Erling & Dimitriu, Radu (2019)

Ready to Let Go! The Impact of Consumers’ Task Expertise on the Intention to Adopt Autonomous Products.

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Feilvurdering av digital reklameeffekt

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Sun, Ruohao; Selnes, Fred Erling & Hunneman, Auke (2018)

Promotion and Grocery Store Performance: The Role of Promotion Scope

[Academic lecture]. 2018 AMA Summer Educator Conference.

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Price Promotion Strategy and Retailer Performance

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The More, The Better? Price Promotion And Retailer Performance

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Consumer adoption of radically new products: The role of expected learning opportunities.

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Hvordan lykkes med reklame på facebook

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Markedsføringsledelse : med digitale verktøy

[Non-fiction book]. Gyldendal Akademisk.

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When consumers develop commitment to the service employee: Exploring the direct and indirect effects on the propensity to stay

[Academic lecture]. The 32nd Annual ACR-conference.

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Service Helter Service Heroes

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Hansen, Håvard; Sandvik, Kåre & Selnes, Fred (2001)

When Customers Develop Commitment to the Service Employee: Exploring the Direct and Indirect Effects on the Propensity to Stay

[Academic lecture]. Academy of Consumer Research Conference.

The paper presents a model for understanding how the consumers’ commitment to the service employee affects the propensity to stay with the company. The model consists of two kinds of commitment, calculative and affective, and includes both commitments to the service employee and to the service firm. The model is tested with a sample of bank customers. The findings support the important role of the service employee as a means to attach the customers to the firm. Moreover, the service employee is an important source of customers’ commitment to the service firm, indicating that the service employee indeed contributes to customer loyalty.

Selnes, Fred (2000)

En verdiskapende handel. Fra lokale kjøpmenn til internasjonale strateger

[Report]. Handelshøyskolen BI.

Selnes, Fred & Hansen, Håvard (2000)

Elektronisk relasjonsbygging. Kan bedriften styrke kunderelasjonen gjennom aktiv bruk av sin Internett-tjeneste?

[Report]. Handelshøyskolen BI.

Grønhaug, Kjell & Selnes, Fred (1997)

When does it pay-off to exceed customers' expectations: The importance of differentiating should- and could expectations

[Academic lecture]. New and Evolving Paradigms. The Emerging Fuuture of Marketing.

The authors address the important issue of when suppliers should exce ed customers expectations by analyzing how supplier behavior creates positive negative affect and cognitive responses in terms of satisfac tion, and subsequently behavioral intentions in terms of share of bus iness with the focal supplier, motivation to continue the relationshi p, likelihood of positive word of mouth, and motivation to expand the scope of the relationship. Recent research has suggested that affect ive responses to disconfirmation of expectations are important, but h as mainly focused on consumer markets. The authors extend past resear ch by examining affective and cognitive responses in an industrial co ntext, and the suppliers' performance in buyer-seller relationship. I n a study of 150 established buyer-seller relationships in the indust rial telecommunication market, they found that customers' affective r esponses to supplier reliability were different from their responses to supplier benevolence. Low supplier reliability created negative af fect, and high supplier benevolence created positive affect. However, high reliability did not create positive affect, and low supplier be nevolence did not create ne

Reve, Torger & Selnes, Fred (1994)

Relasjonsmarkedsføring: Keiserens nye klær?

[Popular scientific article]. Praktisk økonomi og ledelse, 10(2), s. 61- 72.

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1986 Norwegian School of Economics, NHH Ph.D.
1982 Northwestern University Master of Science
1980 BI Master of Business Administration
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2015 - Present USN Adjunct
2015 - Present BI Norwegian Business School Professor
2012 - 2015 USN Professor
1996 - 2012 BI Norwegian Business School Professor