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Marketing Analytics

Marketing is more data intensive than ever before and the modern marketing manager needs to have a working knowledge of what marketing data looks like, how it can be handled, analyzed, and presented.


This class is an introduction to the analysis of marketing relevant data and decision-making from a business perspective. This course provides students with central knowledge of generating data driven marketing insights. It demonstrates the application of statistical and econometric concepts to marketing problems in the below specified software environments.

The students learn to select suitable methods and to implement them in marketing data using relevant software. A central component is the transfer of theoretical knowledge about data analysis methods to practical applications while focusing on business problems rather than on research problems. Another central component is strengthening student’s communication skills with respect to reporting the results of marketing relevant data analyses.


  • Introduction to Marketing Analytics
  • Statistics basics for Marketing Analytics
  • Secondary Data Sources and 3C Analysis
  • Survey data
  • Managing Customer Heterogeneity
  • Managing Customer Dynamics 
  • Managing Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • Managing resource trade-offs

Practical information


Bergen: vår 2023
Stavanger: vår 2023
Nettstudier: vår 2023

Studiestart nettstudier: Mandag 16. januar

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