Institutt for strategi og entreprenør­skap

Institutt for strategi og entreprenørskap er et ledende innovativt fagmiljø som utvikler og formidler kompetanse på bedrifters forretningsmodeller, utvikling og vekst.

BIs vitenskapelige produksjon er registrert i den nasjonale databasen Cristin (Current Research Information System In Norway).

Publikasjoner fra Institutt for strategi og entreprenørskap 2011-d.d

(Publikasjonene oppdateres fortløpende i Cristin)

  • Rong Zenga, Birgitte Grøgaard & Piers Steel

    Complements or substitutes? A meta-analysis of the role of integration mechanisms for knowledge transfer in the MNE network

    Journal of World Business. Zeng_Grogaard_Steel_JWB_forthcoming.pdf

  • Helene Colman & Audrey Rouzies

    Postacquisition Boundary Spanning: A Relational Perspective on Integration

    Journal of Management. Colman and Rouzies JOM.pdf

  • Erik Aadland, Gino Cattani and Simone Ferriani

    The Social Structure of Consecration in Cultural Fields: The Influence of Status and Social Distance in Audience–Candidate Evaluative Processes

    Research in the Sociology of Organizations. Aadland&Cattani&Ferriani RSO 18.pdf

  • Pengfei Wang and Michael Jensen

    Not in the same boar: How status inconsistency affects research performance in business schools

    Academy of Management Journal. amj.2015.0969.pdf

  • Pengfei Wang and Michael Jensen

    A Bridge Too Far: Divestiture as a Strategic Reaction to Status Inconsistency

    Management Science. mnsc.2017.2964.pdf

  • Vegard Kolbjørnsrud

    Agency problems and governance mechanisms in collaborative communities

    Journal of Organization Design. Kolbjornsrud (2018) Collab org forms, JOD, 7(11).pdf

  • Vegard Kolbjørnsrud, Richard Amico and Robert J. Thomas

    How Artificial Intelligence Will Redefine Management

    Harvard Business Review. Kolbjørnsrud, Amico, Thomas (2016) How AI will redef mgmt, HBR 161102 (print).pdf

  • Asmund Rygh and Gabriel R.G. Benito

    Capital Structure of Foreign Direct Investments: A Transaction Cost Analysis

    Management International Review. Rygh and Benito, MIR 2018.pdf

  • Erik Aadland, Gino Cattani and Simone Ferriani

    Friends, Gifts and Cliques: Social Proximity and Recognition in Peer-Based Tournament Rituals

    Academy of Management Journal. Aadland, Cattani & Ferriani - Friends, Gifts and Cliques (2018).pdf

  • Justin Paul and Gabriel R. G. Benito

    A review of research on outward foreign direct investment from emerging countries, including China: what do we know, how do we know and where should we be heading?

    Asia Pacific Business Review. Paul and Benito, APBR 2018.pdf