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Series of Dissertations


  • Nam Huong Dau

    Asset Pricing with Heterogeneous Beliefs and Portfolio Constraints

    Series of Dissertations 13/2014

  • Vegard Kolbjørnsrud

    On governance in collaborative communities

    Series of Dissertations 12/2014
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  • Ignacio García de Olalla López

    Essays in Corporate Finance

    Series of Dissertations 11/2014

  • Sebastiano Lombardo

    Client-consultant interaction practices: Sources of ingenuity, value creation and strategizing

    Series of Dissertations 10/2014
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  • Leif Anders Thorsrud

    International business cycles and oil market dynamics

    Series of Dissertations 9/2014
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  • Ide Katrine Birkeland

    Fire Walk with Me: Exploring the Role of Harmonious and Obsessive Passion in Well-being and Performance at Work

    Series of Dissertations 8/2014
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  • Sinem Acar-Burkay

    Essays on relational outcomes in mixed-motive situations

    Series of Dissertations 7/2014
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  • Susanne H. G. Poulsson

    On Experiences as Economic Offerings

    Series of Dissertations 6/2014
    Open Access

  • Eric Lawrence Wiik

    Functional Method as a Heuristic and Research Perspective: A Study in Systems Theory

    Series of Dissertations 5/2014

  • Christian Enger Gimsø

    Narcissus and Leadership Potential

    Series of Dissertations 4/2014
    The dissertation's mantel

  • Mehrad Moeini-Jazani

    When Power Has Its Pants Down: Social Power Increases Sensitivity to Internal Desires

     Series of Dissertations 3/2014

  • Yuriy Zhovtobryukh

    The role of technology, ownership and origin in M&A performance

    Series of Dissertations 2/2014
    Open Access

  • Siv Staubo

    Regulation and Corporate Board Composition

    Series of Dissertations 1/2014
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  • Bjørn Tallak Bakken

    Intuition and analysis in decision making

    Series of Dissertations 9/2013

  • Karl Joachim Breunig

    Realizing Reticulation: A Comparative Study of Capability Dynamics in two International Professional Service Firms over 10 years

    Series of Dissertations 8/2013

  • Junhua Zhong

    Three Essays on Empirical Asset Pricing

    Series of Dissertations 7/2013

  • Ren Lu

    Cluster Networks and Cluster Innovations: An Empirical Study of Norwegian Centres of Expertise

    Series of Dissertations 6/2013

  • Therese Dille

    Inter-institutional projects in time: a conceptual framework and empirical investigation

    Series of Dissertations 5/2013

  • Thai Binh Phan

    Network Service Innovations: Users’ Benefits from Improving Network Structure

    Series of Dissertations 4/2013

  • Terje Gaustad

    Creating the Image: A Transaction Cost Analysis of Joint Value Creation in the Motion Picture Industry

    Series of Dissertations 3/2013
    Open Access

  • Anna Swärd

    Trust processes in fixed-duration alliances: A multi-level, multi-dimensional, and temporal view on trust

    Series of Dissertations 2/2013

  • Sut I Wong Humborstad

    Congruence in empowerment expectations: On subordinates’ responses to disconfirmed experiences and to leaders’ unawareness of their empowerment expectations

    Series of Dissertations 1/2013