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Series of Dissertations


  • Espen Christopher Skretting

    Firms, Oil and Stocks

    Series of dissertations 11/2021

  • Marius Andersson

    Texts and texturing in and around organizations: A discursive perspective on temporal work, future constructions, and managers’ latitude of action.

    Series of dissertations 10/2021

  • Gilbert Kofi Adarkwah

    Institutions, Policy Risk, and Firms Behavior. Foreign Investments in High-Risk Countries.

    Series of dissertations 9/2021

  • Ilka Verena Ohlmer

    The Social Side of Employee Pay. Exploring social-psychological outcomes and the explanatory mechanisms of employee pay standing from the social-effects perspective on pay.

    Series of dissertations 8/2021

  • Emanuela Stagno

    Some Consequences of Vulnerability in Consumers' Life

    Series of dissertations 7/2021

  • Christopher Albert Sabel

    Spinouts, Sharks, and Genealogy: Established Firms as Resource Acquisition Channel for Startups

    Series of dissertations 6/2021

  • Njål Andersen

    No article is an island entire of itself. Extending bibliometric science mapping in the field of management with social network analysis.

    Series of dissertations 5/2021

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  • Julia Zhulanova

    Macroeconomic Dynamics, Commodity Prices and Expectations

    Series of dissertations 4/2021

  • Magne Våge Knutsen

    Essays on reputation

    Series of dissertations 3/2021

  • Even Soltvedt Hvinden, Crude Games

    Essays on strategic competition in oil markets

    Series of dissertations 2/2021

  • Namhee Matheson

    Theory and Evidence on the Effect of Disagreement on Asset Prices

    Series of dissertations 1/2021