Vitenskapelig publisering

Series of Dissertations


  • Kateryna Maltseva

    Digital Self-Tracking. Psychological and Behavioral Implications

    Series of dissertation 4/2020

  • Flladina Zilja

    The role of CEOs in international strategies

    Series of dissertation 3/2020

  • Vedrana Jez

    Managerial attention and cognitive flexibility in strategic decision making

    Series of dissertation 2/2020

  • Ling Tak Douglas Chung

    Three Essays on Retail Trading

    Series of dissertation 1/2020


  • Adeline Holmedahl Hvidsten

    The role of incompleteness in codesigning collaborative service delivery: A case study of electronic coordination in Norwegian health care

    Series of dissertation 7/2019

  • Delphine Caruelle

    The Interplay between Time and Customer Emotion during Service Encounters

    Series of dissertation 6/2019

  • Chi Hoang

    How the Human Schema Guides Consumer Behavior

    Series of dissertation 5/2019

  • Wah Yip Chu

    Essays in Empirical Asset Pricing and Investment

    Series of dissertation 4/2019

  • Olga Mikhailova

    Medical technological innovation processes

    Series of dissertation 3/2019

  • Jo Albertsen Saakvitne

    Essays on Market Microstructure

    Series of disertation 2/2019

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  • Per-Magnus Thompson

    All you need is love? Investigating leadership from leaders’ attachment experiences in close relationships

    Series of dissertation 1/2019

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