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Series of Dissertations


  • Xiaobei Wang

    Strategizing in Logistics Networks: The role of Logistics Service Providers as mediators and network facilitators

    Series of Dissertations 12/2016

  • Prosper Ameh Kwei-Narh

    A mid-range theory of monitoring behaviors, shared task mental models, and team performance within dynamic settings

    Series of Dissertations 11/2016
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  • Anton Diachenko

    Ownership type, performance, and context: Study of institutional and industrial owners

    Series of Dissertations 10/2016

  • Ranvir S. Rai

    Innovating in Practice: A Practice-Theoretical Exploration of Discontinuous Service Innovations

    Series of Dissertations 9/2016
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  • Gordana Abramovic

    Effective Diversity Management on the Line – Who and How? On the role of line managers in organisations with a diverse workforce

    Series of Dissertations 8/2016
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  • Mohammad Ejaz

    Why do some service innovations succeed while others fail? A comparative case study of managing innovation processes of two internet-based aggregation financial services at (

    Series of Dissertations 7/2016

  • Asmund Rygh

    Corporate governance and international business: Essays on multinational enterprises, ownership, finance and institutions

    Series of Dissertations 6/2016
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  • Chen Qu

    Three Essays on Game Theory and Patent-Pool Formation

    Series of Dissertations 5/2016

  • Arash Aloosh

    Three Essays in International Finance

    Series of Dissertatons 4/2016

  • John-Erik Mathisen

    Mindsets in Business-related Behavior: An Investigation of the Interface between Cognition and Action

    Series of Dissertations 3/2016

  • Øyvind Nilsen Aas

    Essays in industrial organization and search theory

    Series of Dissertations 2/2016

  • Dominique Kost

    Understanding Transactive Memory Systems in Virtual Teams

    Series of Dissertations 1/2016


  • Andreea Mitrache

    Macroeconomic Factors and Asset Prices - An Empirical Investigation

    Series of Dissertations 8/2015

  • Lene Pettersen

    Working in Tandem: A Longitudinal Study of the Interplay of Working Practices and Social Enterprise Platforms in the Multinational Workplace

    Series of Dissertations 7/2015
    Open Access

  • Di Cui

    Three Essays on Investor Recognition and Mergers & Acquisitions

    Series of Dissertations 6/2015

  • Katja Maria Hydle

    Cross border practices: Transnational Practices in Professional Service Firms

    Series of Dissertations 5/2015

  • Ieva Martinkenaitė-Pujanauskienė

    Evolutionary and power perspectives on headquarters-subsidiary knowledge transfer

    Series of Dissertations 4/2015
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  • Tarje Gaustad

    The Perils of Self-Brand Connections: Consumer Response to Changes in Brand Image

    Series of Dissertatons 3/2015
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  • Jakob Utgård

    Organizational form, local market structure and corporate social performance in retail

    Series of Dissertations 2/2015
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  • Drago Bergholt

    Shocks and transmission channels in multi-sector small open economies

    Series of Dissertations 1/2015