Hva kan jeg bli?

Playing for the top league in IT

– The high performance culture in the company is characterized by healthy competition and team play. We constantly push each other to do better, while we help and assist each other if needed. I therefore see several similarities with top level sports.

Sondre Gustafson

Stilling: Advisor

Arbeidsgiver: Digiflow

Bachelor of Business Administration

Sondre has worked as a sales executive in Digiflow for 3 years, and during that time they have doubled their turnover, doubled the number of employees and they are still growing rapidly. Digiflow works as the IT company for small and medium sized businesses.

Meets the needs of the future

The way they stand out is that they are "customer obsessed" and facilitate a customer journey characterized by proactivity and further development. They assist customers with status meetings, workshops, training and development of skills so that their customers can more easily keep up with technological development. Sondre describes them as a business for the future.

 – There is nothing more frustrating than bad IT systems. IT and digitalisation are possibly the areas that have the highest priority for most companies today. One has to keep up with developments in order to remain competitive. Good IT solutions not only ensure satisfied employees who can be efficient in their everyday work, but it also has many other effects that both directly and indirectly affect the bottom line of companies.

Customer based solutions

There are many IT vendors who have standard solutions for all their customers. Digiflow has turned it around and adapted the solution based on the needs of each individual customer. As a Sales Executive, Sondre and his team lead the sales processes in the company, where the purpose is to bring in new customers.

 – The human aspect of sales, consulting and business is something that is difficult to learn through studies. I go to maybe 3-4-5 different customer meetings every day, where each customer has its own characteristics and requirements. Dealing with such a high pace with varied tasks and situations has been really instructive.

“We want to create Norway's supreme IT company.”

To Digiflow that means a company where the employees feel that they are part of a larger family and describe Digiflow as Norway's best workplace. A place where you can grow, develop and have influence.

 – I chose Digiflow because it is a small, fast growing company with a flat organisational structure. The opportunities in the company are therefore great and even as a recent graduate, young and "inexperienced" you can have great influence. You are thrown into challenges early on, and that is exactly how you develop.  Digiflow was therefore the perfect place for me to start my career. 

Bachelor of Business Administration