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Global Economy

The course is an introduction to the key supranational and intergovernmental organizations that regulate international economic activity, with particular emphasis on the historical background, structure and function of the WTO and the EU.

Why political economy?

In this course you will gain a basic understanding of international economic policy, and understand how organizations, in particular the WHO and the EU's political, attempts to overcome adjustment problems of international economic activity. Special attention is devoted to regimes of relevance to marketing and consumer issues. You will acquire knowledge regarding how the international civil society is strengthened as a key player in forming public opinions. 


Course outline

  • International political economy – theory and framework
  • International trade and cooperation
  • Frameworks and institutions
  • Regulation and industrial policy
  • International regimes (WTO, OEDC)
  • Regional regimes (NAFTA, ASEAN, EU, EEA)
  • The international monetary system
  • Trade policy
  • Trade and development
  • Global interest groups (NGOs, etc.)
  • Business environment and the EU
  • Globalisation

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